Eunji Lee

my name is
I'm a freelance web developer.

As a freelance front-end developer and career changer, I've embarked on an exciting journey from a diverse background as a teacher, an orthopedic nurse, and a stay-at-home mother to pursue my passion for front-end development and UI/UX design.
My expertise lies in crafting visually captivating webpages that not only reflect my artistic vision but also resonate deeply with the aspirations of discerning clientele. Embracing the principles of Design Thinking, I am dedicated to placing people at the core of every process, allowing empathy to guide my decisions. With a strong commitment to user-centered design, I strive to carefully consider and cater to user needs, stakeholder goals, and technical capabilities, seamlessly weaving them together to deliver digital experiences that transcend expectations and drive meaningful impact for businesses.
In my freetime, I enjoy cooking, cycling, and outdoor activities with my family.

Selected work

Recent Work

Dr. Catherine Moritz

Psychologist's Professional Website

July 2023
  • I developed a 4 page psychologist's professional website with modern, minimalist design.
  • Responding to the client's request for an uncluttered and user-friendly interface, this project was thoughtfully developed from the outset, taking into careful consideration the diverse demographics of her prospective patients.
  • By adhering to best practices for performance and web accessibility, Dr. Moritz's website ensures seamless functionality for all users.
GitHub Repo
Dr Moritz's Website


Browser-based Game

August 2023
  • Created an immersive browser-based word guessing game, allowing players to guess space-themed words and save a spaceman, showcasing proficiency in game mechanics and interactive web development.
  • Designed a visually appealing, responsive user interface with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, providing players with an intuitive and engaging experience through real-time feedback, dynamic visuals, and seamless interaction.
  • Implemented JavaScript to manage game logic, track guesses, and determine outcomes, enhancing gameplay by integrating event listeners for letter inputs and the "Play Again" feature, resulting in a captivating and interactive web-based game.
GitHub Repo
Spaceman Game

Jan 2021
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